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Best for the single advisor who seeks to improve their sales efforts.

$150/month, or $1500/year

The Catchlight Core—everything you need to get started

  • Data-driven insight and powerful enrichment features standard for all Catchlight plans.
  • Lead Prioritization with AI powered lead scoring
  • Lead segmentation to build prospect lists
  • Analytics of your prospecting funnel
  • Engagement ideas customized for each prospect
  • Individual alerts
  • Content Recommendations
  • Email and Zoom customer support
  • 3rd party marketing and analytics integrations
  • AI Generated Prospecting Emails

Number of Contacts

  • Assessment and Prioritization for up to 150 profiles 
  • Additional tiers available
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Best for power users with thousands of leads or firms with multiple advisors who seek to boost conversions on marketing and sales at a larger scale.

Custom Pricing

Each license includes all Individual p
lan features, plus:

  • Custom lead volume tiers
  • Tailored team training and account analytics









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Best for large multi-office growth-focused firms. Offers a platform to aid strategic growth across a team of advisors and marketers that also deliver insights to the home office.

Custom Pricing

Each license includes all Individual plan features, plus:

  • Custom lead volume tiers
  • Tailored team training and account analytics
  • Export profile insights to be activated in other solutions
  • Executive Reporting
  • Tailored models for predictive engagement









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"Decades ago, you'd make 400 calls to get 10 quality leads and one good meeting per day. That was a success rate of one-fourth of 1%. With today's AI like Catchlight, the success rate is in the 5%-to-10% range. Catchlight builds profiles of leads' key traits and helps us identify who to reach out to next."

Denis O'Leary - Director of Wealth Management
Coastline Wealth Management 

"Over the past few months, Marks has begun using Catchlight to rank leads by their potential to turn into new clients, as well as pulling lead insights from the tool to fine-tune his pitch. Using the tool, he’s seen his lead conversion rate go from an estimated one to two new clients per 100 potential clients to three to six new clients per 100 potential clients."

- WealthManagement.com 

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