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Feature Update: Boost engagement with AI-powered content engine

Engaging leads and prospects effectively is a challenge we often hear from advisory firms. Financial advisors are time-strapped, plus, crafting a message and choosing the right channels requires a special skill set. Then, once you launch a campaign or send a message, it's difficult to win engagement given the average person is exposed to between 6,000 and 10,000 advertisements a day1.

Although difficult, it’s a challenge worth taking on. The market for financial advice is expanding. 37% of advisors are expected to retire this decade and manage $10T in assets 2. However, with increased competition, it’s imperative that financial advisors find a way to serve relevant messages that people value. Clients want to work with advisors they can rely on. Building credibility through consistent messaging, transparent communication, and a strong brand image is crucial.

Sharing relevant news and insights from reputable brands is a great way to build trust with leads, prospects, and clients. Advisors can lean on the trusted brands of these publications AND provide helpful, relevant reading to boost your credibility.

That’s why we are excited to share that our Curated Content feature is now free for all Catchlight customers!

Curated Content Free Image

Curated Content combines the best of AI and content to help advisory firms engage with leads by leveraging timely and topical news articles from leading publishers that are specifically selected based on the insights about a prospect. Think of it as AI powered sales assistance that helps discover what a prospect might be interested in, finds relevant articles from top sources, and queues it up for you to decide which ones to send in a list of the next best actions.  

Curated Content from Catchlight is designed to help accelerate and improve your outreach in a world where earning clicks, calls, and conversions is not easy. With Curated Content earning this engagement can be easier.

Powered by our award-winning AI technology, you can now quickly segment your prospects based on attributes such as wealth segment or investment objectives and choose from a handful of articles to share with them.

Now, it is simple to click and share breaking news and relevant articles, all fully included in your Catchlight subscription. To learn more about Curated Content from Catchlight and discuss how content can play a role in your organic growth plans, book a strategy call with a team member.