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How Age Based Life Events Can Help Drive Meetings

You are confident you can help people grow their wealth, prepare for retirement, and build a solid financial future. The problem is reaching these people and crafting a message that motivates them enough to set a meeting with you. Understanding a person’s age and the life events that often prompt a person to seek financial advice can be a critical step to driving this action. That's why we are excited to release new possible age-based life events you can use in your communications or marketing campaign strategy!

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Now in Catchlight, you can segment your leads and clients that are enriched with likely pertinent age-based life events unlocking better targeting to help drive more meetings. We’ve added data points to enriched profiles that estimate when someone can… 

  • Withdraw from retirement accounts or from social security  
  • Enroll in Medicare 
  • Qualify for QCD contributions  
  • Qualify for catch-up contributions 
  • Qualify for early withdrawals & HSA catch-up  
  • Become ineligible for parental healthcare  
  • Received company stock 
  • 1-2 years from retirement 

These new data points could enable you to build digital marketing campaigns that are more personalized and effective because they can target individuals with a relevant message and at the right time. Advisory firms can use this unique set of data to run more targeted advertising, launch email campaigns with more segmented copy, create curated event invite lists, and so much more. 

This feature upgrade is now available in the Catchlight app (API and Salesforce coming soon).