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Taking Catchlight GenAI Personalized Emails to the Next Level

It’s no secret that personalization and customized messaging are necessary to capture the attention of today’s distracted consumer. According to McKinsey and Company, seventy-one percent of consumers expect personalized interactions, and 76% feel frustrated when this does not happen1. However, writing engaging messaging is not always easy and can be extremely time consuming.

Last year, we released Generative AI emails to help you personalize outreach, create better emails, and win more clients. Recently, we released an update that brings these emails to the next level to supercharge your effectiveness.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • Increased personalization: Now, you have the flexibility to choose a topic for the email. Is there a specific pain point or goal that you want to emphasize? For example, perhaps you are speaking to an individual on the cusp of retirement or someone navigating debt payments.

  • Dynamic CTA’s: A clear call to action (CTA) is important ingredient to engaging communication. It is a bridge between the marketing team and the advisors at your firm. With the improved GenAI emails, you can add your own unique destination – book a meeting, visit your website, and more.

  • Refreshed language: We took a great feature and made it better. The email language reads more naturally and may lead to more engagement.

In today’s world where advisors have dozens of tools to manage and a long list of to-dos, Catchlight can help make acquiring new clients easier. These product updates are designed to help boost conversion rates for advisors and ultimately drive more business.