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Introducing: The Catchlight Advisor Growth Program

We are often asked questions related to the “how to” of marketing and growth.  

- How do I know which leads I should prioritize? 

- How do I personalize my email communications to improve response rates?  

- How do I craft a pitch that will resonate with my prospects?  

We have hosted many customer calls to walk through distinct use cases and have provided guidance on how to approach growth. While no two cases are exactly the same, there are many commonalities. And, they generally revolve around the questions above.  

Our Advisor Growth Program starts with a simple survey / self-assessment that helps to identify where an advisor is on their marketing growth journey. We also seek to determine an advisor might benefit the most based on their current strengths and capabilities.  


The program is built around 4 key areas: 

1. Marketing Foundation. There are key foundational elements that an advisor should focus on as they begin their journey of client growth. In this section, advisors will learn about how to tell your brand story, must haves for social media and web presence, and organizing your lead data.  

2. Annual Marketing Plan. Much like financial planning, it is important for advisors to establish a plan for what they seek to accomplish. This section will delve into goals and budgeting, marketing channels, and data tracking.  

3. Lead Engagement. Whether your leads come from referrals from existing clients or from registration from webinars you run, having a strong lead engagement strategy is crucial to turn those leads into prospects. Section 3 focused your attention on how to maximize the impact of your lead efforts.  

4. Lead Generation. Writing books, hosting seminars, appearing on talk radio programs, and buying leads are just a few tactics that advisors employ to generate leads. This section will dive into lead gen activities to build you lists as well as scoring you leads.  

The Advisor Growth Program is included in a Catchlight subscription. For more information and to get a demo, click here: https://catchlight.ai/advisor-growth-program