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Catchlight and Wealthbox Webinar Replay

Listen in to learn how Wealthbox manages your leads, and how Catchlight can help you engage them with a few clicks.

Yelena Melamed, Head of Product at Catchlight and Chris Kopanski, Sr. Product Specialist at Wealthbox unwrap how by syncing Catchlight’s enriched lead profiles with Wealthbox, advisors can gain a clearer view of their prospects’ key financial attributes within the CRM environment.

The integration can bring estimated investable assets, income range, age range, and financial interests to each prospect’s profile, as well as their individual Catchlight Score, which ranks their likelihood of becoming a client based on a proprietary model trained on a growing set over 170,000 conversions. Equipped with enriched profiles within Wealthbox, advisors can prioritize, track, and manage their prospecting efforts with even greater efficiency and personalization.   

Learn more about our integration with Wealthbox here.