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Product Launches: Catchlight for Salesforce App and Intelligence API


Salesforce app and Intelligence API enable financial advisors to enrich leads directly in their workflows

We recently released two new methods to interact with Catchlight, an Intelligence API and a Salesforce app. We are excited to extend support to advisory firms who value data and seek to improve prospecting outcomes in their organic growth efforts.

The Salesforce app provides firms two critical functions:

1. Lead profile enrichment. Through the Salesforce app, we can now provide the profile insights available in the Catchlight application, mapped to a contact record in Salesforce. This will enable an advisor or sales representative to scan the record and learn more about the lead quickly and easily. Data and insights that are available include the Catchlight Score, estimated income and investable assets, age range, possible life events, home ownership and estimated value, employment and education history and a lot more.

2. Lead routing and assignment. Firms that prospect centrally can use Catchlight data to enhance how they may want to assign leads among their advisors / sales staff. They can now do so based on unique data and insights available from Catchlight. For example, a firm can segment new leads who are business owners, close to retirement, and who have estimated investable assets of $1m+. Those leads can be assigned to advisors that specialize in individuals with those characteristics. Learn more about our Salesforce App here. 

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The Catchlight API 

The Catchlight Intelligence API is bidirectional and enables advisory firms to pull data and insights from Catchlight to be utilized within their CRM, CDP, marketing automation, or any other application they utilize. Leveraging the API can help firms gather important insights to activate within existing workflows. A good example is a firm that gathers leads from seminars and webinars. By enriching the leads through Catchlight, the firm can activate the leads in distinct nurture campaigns based on the topics covered during the seminars/webinars and aligned to the characteristics of the leads.  

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