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Mercer Advisors Upgrades Its Organic Growth Processes With Catchlight

Building an organic growth strategy is key for modern firms and we are excited to work with Mercer to help them achieve their growth goals.


Catchlight’s prospecting data and insights, as well as personalization tools, will help enhance Mercer Advisors’ sales and marketing efforts

BOSTON & DENVER--Aiming to bolster organic growth and ensure highly tailored engagement with potential clients, Mercer Global Advisors, Inc. (“Mercer Advisors”), a national Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), will fortify its digital, direct-to-consumer sales and marketing campaigns with Catchlight. Mercer Advisors, among the fastest-growing RIAs with more than 290 advisors and 85 offices nationwide, has built a powerful growth process and will add Catchlight as an integral component to a lead acquisition strategy that hinges on quickly identifying higher value leads that meet their criteria and utilizing insights to accelerate engagement on a large scale.

Mercer Advisors will use Catchlight’s insights of prospective clients to rapidly build a more complete understanding of each prospect’s financial landscape and anticipated needs. Insights such as the Catchlight Score(SM), a prediction of a prospect’s likelihood to convert to a client, and estimated investable assets and other key characteristics, can position Mercer Advisors to optimize its client acquisition processes, and initiate more meaningful, personalized contact with its leads. By incorporating Catchlight into its data-driven sales strategy, Mercer Advisors can route leads to the advisors best suited to their circumstances and setting the stage for a stronger advisor-client relationships.  

“The decision of any new client to allow an advisor to guide their financial future is rooted in trust,” said Gary Foodim, Chief Marketing Officer of Mercer Advisors. “Our persona-based strategy for organic growth succeeds by showing prospective clients that we understand the goals and purposes that drive them. Catchlight helps us prioritize our lead engagement efforts and expand our ability to earn that trust from each prospect’s first interaction with Mercer Advisors, allowing us to deliver on our promise of being a family office for their family.” 

Mercer Advisors will also use Catchlight’s insights to help validate and optimize its marketing strategy. By highlighting similar attributes among prospects and tracking conversion rates through Catchlight, Mercer Advisors can tailor its persona-based marketing campaigns to deliver the right messages to the right audience. 

“Mercer Advisors has developed a sharp vision of the role that data and personalization play in sustained organic growth in the RIA space,” said Yelena Melamed, Catchlight Co-Founder and Head of Product. “They set a high standard for best practices that contribute to the success of their advisors, and we’re elated to play a role in their strategy.”