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Product Updates: New Features to Help Accelerate Prospect Engagement


Our product and software engineering teams have been hard at work creating a handful of new features in the Catchlight app, all built to help advisors accelerate engagement with prospects. Please read on to learn more.  

Refreshed Profile Page
Based on a lot of feedback from users, we’ve made  updates to the profile page of each prospect in Catchlight.  Now get the most important data points, right away— “Estimated Household Details” now appears in the center of the page at the very top. Important details like estimated investable assets, income range, home value, and more are easy to find. 

Catchlight Profile Page Refreshfor illustrative purposes only

Custom Tags

Take your segmentation and prioritization process to the next level with custom tags. Add one, or add many—the options are endless and you have complete control. 

Some ideas for using custom tags: 

  • Tag your COIs and other VIPs so you can effectively track them separately from your leads and prospects. 
  • Use tag combinations to better segment contacts. Do you want to just see Webinar leads, from the years 2022 and 2023? Add the tags “Webinar 2022” and “Webinar 2023”, and then use our intuitive filters to build a list of all those contacts that match.  
  • Other tagging ideas to get you started: former clients, political affiliations, investment preferences, communication channel preference, gender, and do-not-contact. 

Catchlight Custom Tags for illustrative purposes only

Content Recommendations for Segments

Another popular request from advisors was the combination of our powerful segmentation with unique targeted content.  

Our segmentation capabilities allow an advisor to create distinct segments of prospects based on any number of characteristics. For example, an advisor can group prospects with investable assets in the $1M - $3.5M range, who are business owners, need advice on estate planning, and are a few years from retirement. 

Now, Catchlight customers can utilize messages and topics that may resonate with prospects based on the common attributes of the individuals in that segment. This is another step in our efforts to help advisors connect with their prospects in a compelling and scalable way.  

Catchlight Content for Segmentsfor illustrative purposes only

We have a lot more in store for you! Click below to reach out to learn more.