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Product Updates: AI-powered sales assistance to help drive lead engagement


Powered by our award-winning AI technology, you can now quickly segment your prospects based on attributes such as wealth segment or investment objectives and choose from a handful of articles to share with them. We have designed Curated Content from Catchlight to help accelerate and improve your engagement outreach.   

This new feature combines the best of AI and content to help advisory firms engage with their leads by leveraging relevant, timely, and topical news articles from leading publishers that are specifically selected based on the insights about a prospect. Think of it as AI powered sales assistance that helps discover what a prospect might be interested in, finds more relevant articles from top sources, and queues it up for you to decide which ones to send in a list of the next best actions.   

We are big believers in utilizing AI to help drive organic growth. Earlier this year, we released GenAI emails within Catchlight. By utilizing the unique characteristics of a prospect, we enable the AI engine to create compelling emails that are unique and personalized. The response to this feature has been overwhelmingly positive. We are thrilled to continue to help our users deliver messages that resonate with their audience.   

Catchlight Curated Contentfor illustrative purposes only

To build strong and lasting relationships with clients and prospects, it is important to have a sincere understanding of their interests and find ways to be a valuable resource. Sharing relevant news and insights from top tier brands can be a wonderful way to show that you are thinking about their specific interests and promotes a streamlined engagement strategy with your connections.   

Now, it is simple to point, click, and share breaking news and relevant articles, all for only $5/month. To learn more about Curated Content from Catchlight and see it in action, click the link below to receive a demo.